Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Virtual Reality Tech For Hotels

A technology once largely embraced by gamers only, is now being adopted by businesses in a variety of ways. The hotel industry is beginning to implement VR (virtual reality) technology in a number of innovative ways, particularly for marketing purposes. Being a visual experience, VR is a natural fit and offers hotels as well as chains the opportunity to present their properties in a new and exciting format.  

Virtual reality is a visual, interactive simulation which is three-dimensional and in real-time. The technology utilizes various input devices to help create the simulation including headsets, wands or game controllers. With these devices motion is tracked and translated into the virtual actions within the created setting. The result is an extremely immersive experience for the user, which renders them a feeling of actually being in the virtual world.

Virtual Reality Hotel Marketing

Marketing hotels through the use of virtual reality technology is the perfect stage, with the right audience, from which hoteliers can showcase the richly luxurious nature of their properties. Potential future guests can be completely immersed in the experiences the hotel brand has to offer them, before they ever arrive. The guest may take virtual tours of room accommodations and hotel amenities, potentially driving revenue through not only bookings, but upgrades as well. In keeping with the more personalized hotel experience being offered by hoteliers, virtual reality is capable of giving users a true sense of having visited a place they have never physically been.

Although virtual reality is in its infancy, the future holds much promise for the technology as it develops further. The advent of 360-degree videos on both YouTube and Facebook are examples of the technology’s direction. Eventually, virtual reality will be viewable via web browsers and mobile apps through the WebVR standard which is to come in the very near future. The ability to seamlessly connect mobile devices and desktop computers to this technology will greatly expand its acceptance throughout society in time. Virtual reality will then become as ubiquitous as a smartphone is currently. Forward-thinking hoteliers are acknowledging this fact and are now beginning to adopt virtual reality tech to remain ahead of the technology curve.

Virtual reality provides a greatly enhanced means of visually communicating the brand message of hotels to its potential guests. This highly engaging platform will prove itself of great value to hotels that incorporate the technology into their overall marketing strategy.

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