Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Robotics And The Future Of Hospitality - Part 2

Hotels are now among the leading innovators concerning the adoption of robotics technology. Hoteliers are discovering groundbreaking applications for this technology, which are uniquely tailored to the service-oriented nature of the hospitality industry. Robots are now performing a number of labor-intensive and physically taxing or dangerous jobs formerly carried out by hotel staff. The front desk, room service, concierge, and even housekeeping and maintenance positions are being at least partially performed at many hotels around the world. It is only a matter of time before they are a common sight in most hotels.

Front Desk

The first impressions of a newly arrived hotel guest are usually formed right at the front desk, making this a critical point in the guest experience. For many guests it is important for them to be properly greeted and welcomed with a truly smiling face upon arrival at a hotel property. However, for certain guests this is of less importance. These are the guests who seek automation before they even arrive on the property in the form of mobile check-in. Robots could possibly provide those guests a much faster option for check-in. A likely future scenario is for the front desk role to be shared by humans and androids, much like most of the implementation of robotics technology will be throughout hotel property.

Room Service

Room service delivery is a hotel service that is being readily automated with robots, with the technology becoming commonplace in the near future. At the moment, carrying capacity is the only limiter, but this will change as larger robots are developed. The technology merely makes room service more efficient and does not replace humans who are still needed to fill and empty the robots. The automation makes it possible for related hotel staff to be available for more complex duties and to provide guests with personalized service in refreshingly new ways.  

Concierge Services

The impersonal nature of robotics may limit the usefulness of the technology in the role of concierge. However, there are a number of advantages for guests to receive recommendations from a robot with instant access to all their personal preferences. As the technology moves forward, the robots will learn from each guest interaction and offer increasingly relevant choices over time.

Housekeeping And Maintenance

Just like other hotel operational departments, robotics technology can greatly assist housekeeping and maintenance staff in completing their tasks in a highly efficient and thorough manner. Allowing robots to perform the hazardous and physically strenuous duties in particular can enhance employee safety. For example, housekeeping personnel can stick to making beds and avoid exposure to toxic cleaning solutions while a robot performs those sanitation tasks. Maintenance teams may be partnered with fault detection automation technology, markedly speeding up the process of tracking various system downtime issues.

As the 21st Century progresses, robotic technology in the hospitality industry’s is clearly present and future.

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