Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Managing The Hotel Guest Experience - Part 1

Nearly two decades into the 21st Century, the intensely competitive nature of business is resulting in changes to the manor in which it is conducted. What was once customer service, has evolved into the customer experience. In the hospitality industry this is specifically referred to as the guest experience. How guests perceive their experience during a hotel stay is now critical for hoteliers in order to build and maintain guest loyalty and the resulting return business. Technology is now affording hoteliers the means to both enhance the experience of each hotel guest and better assist those tasked with managing those experiences.

The process of managing the hotel experience should be centered around a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) Property Management System (PMS) and Central Reservation System (CRS). From the hotel website the CRS is the crucial first, directly customer facing, interaction between the potential guest and the hotel. To the new customer, first impressions can be lasting ones. A cloud-based CRS features all the functionality required by hotels to successfully capture the direct booking of the guest and to better compete with third party sites, going forward. Hoteliers can establish a more streamlined connection with the guest right as they begin experiencing all the hotel has to offer them.

The state-of-the-art CRS system is hosted entirely in the cloud and requires only broadband connection to access.  A cloud based CRS provides lightning fast response times while simultaneously offering immense scalability. An additional advantage of a CRS hosted in the cloud is they can be fully integrated with other cloud-based hotel software as part of complete suite including, property management (PMS) and revenue management optimization (RMO) among others.

Today’s hotel guest has much to choose from and has high expectations for their travel accommodations. Guest personalization is becoming vitally important for hotels in order to foster brand loyalty in consumers. The traveling public desires the best value and will search the internet far and wide to find it. They fully expect more for the money they spend on a place to spend the night. The significance of this trend is not lost on hoteliers, who are creating new management positions completely focused on guest experience management.

In part two we will see how the hotel’s property management system, when cloud-based, can help guest experience managers more effectively build brand loyalty resulting in repeated hotel stays.

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