Thursday, January 11, 2018

Managing The Hotel Guest Experience - Part 2

Hotels, which are affirmatively responding to the demand by the traveling public for a personalized hotel guest experience, recognize the need for effective management tools in that regard. Guest experience managers can now effectively keep track of how every guest experiences the hotel at each step of their journey, from booking to social media and review commentary post-stay.

The property management system is truly the core of managing the hotel experience of all guests. Particularly on-property, a cloud-based PMS can have a tremendous impact on how the guest perceives their hotel stay. The 21st Century, travelers seek greater control of their own hotel guest experience from beginning to end. The guests expect the technology of their everyday lives will carry over into their experience while at the hotel. Just one example, a mobile app provided by the hotel and driven in the cloud by the hotel’s PMS will empower them to do so. A cloud-based PMS gives hoteliers the freedom and real-time flexibility to leverage mobile technology to the fullest. This is an advantage of cloud-based technology which directly impacts the guests and their perceptions.

For another example, travelers bring their own entertainment content with them on their mobile devices everywhere they go. They desire television access to their various content services such as Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. Smart televisions provided in-room would give hotel guests the ability to do so, making them feel more at home. The in-room guest experience is being completely transformed. Cloud-based technology enables guests to control, either through their own mobile device or one provided by the hotel, all aspects of their hotel room.

Cloud-driven PMS systems will facilitate hotels in offering unprecedented levels of guest personalization, and do so at a significantly lower cost than legacy systems. With a state-of-the-art PMS, guest experience managers can efficiently keep track of hotel guests at every point of their stay and interaction with the property. At each of these points, data is collected which is stored and compiled, providing managers with guest preferences as well as detailed histories. The PMS, when seamlessly integrated with a similarly cloud-based Customer Relationship Management module, can enable hotel sales and marketing departments to relevantly make future recommendations and offers to each and every guest.

Offering travelers true hospitality is the specialty of hoteliers. The experiences of their guests and perceptions afterwards can be greatly elevated when hotel management and staff are provided the tools necessary to make it a reality.


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