Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hotels And The Solo Traveler - Part 2

The emerging trend of solo travel around the globe is increasing in awareness by the hospitality industry regarding this unique traveler segment. Not as commonly seen even just a few years ago, the growth in the numbers of solo travelers are largely the result of life-style changes and demographic shifts. The solo traveler is clearly here to stay and their numbers will only expand over time. For hotels looking to leverage this increasingly valuable traveler, hoteliers must reach out and meet the solo traveler at a number of key points.

Make Them Feel Welcome

Giving solo travelers a welcome feeling can begin with hotel marketing content, specifically visual imagery. On the hotel’s website and social media platforms for example, there are probably images of couples and families enjoying their stay. But be sure to also include some images of solo travelers experiencing the hotel property, its amenities and local area as a destination as well.

Many solo travelers are not seeking complete solitude during their trip, just freedom. Hotels can hold occasional on-property events and informal receptions for solo travelers. Also, the property itself can be made welcoming to solo travelers seeking social interaction. Comfortable and open common areas, lounges, bars and restaurants in the hotel can encourage socializing. In addition, just like other traveler segments today, solo travelers are seeking authentic experiences in the destinations they travel. By making the hotel property equally welcoming to locals, guests can be given some degree of immersion into the cultural flavor of the hotel’s locale.

A large number of solo travelers are also a big part of another current travel trend, health and wellness. Many are in the midst of transformational, life-changing moments and solo travel is but one part of this experience for them. Offering healthy dining options, fitness and yoga facilities, and even instructional classes are further ways to appeal to the solo traveler seeking a healthier life.

Offer A Promotion

Solo travel has long been hampered by the financial penalties imposed on lone travelers. The “single supplement” often demanded by travel-related companies, including some hotels could be prohibitive. The policies regarding single-occupancy, which can impact the solo traveler, are beginning to loosen however. Going forward, the shear numbers involved in solo travel will hasten even more changes. Hoteliers can get ahead of the trend however by offering special promotional rates for solo travelers.

Safety And Security

For many solo travelers, particularly with the majority of them being women, safety and security are top priorities. And so it should be for the hotel as well and plainly apparent to all, which will provide these travelers and others a more secure feeling during their stay.

The rapid growth in recent years of the solo travel trend makes this segment an important one for hoteliers to consider in their marketing efforts going forward.

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