Monday, May 14, 2018

Hotels And The Wellness Traveler - Part 2

The Wellness Experience

The global travel phenomenon of wellness tourism is tailor-made for the luxury hotel segment and the growing emphasis by hoteliers on bringing their guests authentic experiences. Although wellness travel has been around for some time, an emerging trend among a number of innovative luxury hotels is to create a completely immersive wellness experience.

In one form of wellness experience provided by hotels, guests progress through a series of interconnected chapters and stories. These become stepping stones along a transformative wellness journey for the traveler comprising an amalgam of art, music, performance and literature all in concert with wellness classes, fitness training and spa treatments. In some examples, the journey even involves a progression through different properties. The key in these wellness treatments is to create a sense of transformation toward well-being in the traveler’s journey. This is in contrast to many wellness programs which can sometimes feel a bit disjointed to the participant.  

Empowerment Through Wellness For Women

There is a movement of empowerment for women through wellness which is running parallel with what has become known as the fourth wave of feminism. Women’s wellness travel is prescient in that it has grown in the light of developments in our global community at large. As a result, a number of for-women, by-women wellness travel and tourism related businesses have been established in recent years. Luxury hotels in particular could build mutually beneficial partnerships with these companies in harmony with the movement.

The Science Of Happiness

Another facet of wellness tourism, which is gaining traction, is in response to the analysis of the level of happiness found in an individual, or even an entire nation. Destinations offering travelers an opportunity to digitally disconnect with the world, while building true social connection, are springing up. These destinations are proudly providing no Wi-Fi, but do provide their guests the chance to escape the cares of everyday life and reconnect with nature and their inner-self. As a result of the published results of the annual World Happiness Report, there is also growing interest in the philosophies of the nations which rise to the top of the report on a regular basis. For example, the Danish philosophy of “hygge” which is loosely translated as a feeling of coziness and contentment.

In part three we will continue examining the wellness tourism movement by looking at the health and fitness aspects of wellness travel.

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