Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Multi-Generational Travel For Hotels

In the process of sustaining an effective hotel marketing effort, it is vital for hoteliers to take into account the unique differences between generations of travelers. But what about when multiple generations, the parents, their children and the grandparents, choose to travel together as a family? Or maybe even a group of friends of widely spaced ages decide to vacation together. Multi-generational travel, as a category unto itself, has surged in popularity so much in recent years that it has become the fastest growing leisure travel segment.

A central factor driving this trend is the expanding geographic spread of families today. Not just nationally, but globally as well, an extended family can now easily be scattered by career demands for example. When vacation time comes many want to spend that precious time together and traveling as a group opens up greater possibilities for a shared family experience.

The cost of extensive travel, prohibitively expensive for many in the past, has become increasingly affordable to many families. Also, the desire for togetherness is inspiring many of the older and/or more financially secure family members to completely bankroll or significantly subsidize the multi-generational family vacation. As family members age, particularly Baby Boomers, they long to travel to bucket list destinations and share them with the rest of their family, building cherished memories in the process.

There is also a new sub-trend of multi-generational travel that is gaining momentum called “skip-gen” vacations. This is when the parents stay home while the grandparents take their grandchildren on a trip with them. Grandparents may have more time and resources than the parents to invest in travel with the grandkids. This can offer the parents some precious alone time while allowing grandparents to strengthen connections with the grandchildren through shared experiences.

Hoteliers can best leverage the multi-generational travel trend by emphasizing in their marketing efforts the family-friendliness of the hotel accommodations and property. Highlight the diversity of experiences the destination may offer travelers of all ages as well. Additionally, hotels should always strive to build partnerships with local companies that can provide guests with activities such as tours, attractions, and entertainment that are appealing to people of all ages.

Multi-generation travel is a burgeoning trend from which hotels can greatly benefit with a targeted marketing campaign in order to drive increased revenues.

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