Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer 2018 Travel Trends For Hoteliers - Part 1

With the arrival of warm weather and Memorial Day behind us, the summer travel season of 2018 has now unofficially begun. Much of the U.S. suffered through a particularly arduous winter and many people are yearning to finally get away on vacation. While Florida and California will likely always remain top destinations for summer travel, a varied list of alternative locales are gaining traction with both domestic and international travelers to the U.S. alike.

Summer Travel Destination Trends

Like the aforementioned states, Hawaii is a top destination as well. However, recent surveys and search statistics from Google indicate the 50th state is still growing in popularity as a travel destination. AARP recently reported in a survey that the Hawaiian Islands are the number one bucket list destination for travelers, this makes Hawaii the most important place people want to visit before they die. That distinction will certainly make the islands an enduring travel hot spot for many years to come. Since each of the islands can be considered separate destinations unto themselves, each has its own place on many travel surveys. Leading the latest survey from Travel+Leisure is the lush paradise island of Kauai, Hawaii. Close behind in the survey is Maui in second place and Kona in fourth.  With the recent volcanic eruption and subsequent lava flow of Mt. Kilauea on the island of Hawaii, there will most likely be some disruption in near term tourism.  That said, given the popularity of Volcanoes National Park, long-term tourism will probably increase.

Heavily trending as a destination on Google has been the smallest of the fifty states, Rhode Island. This is largely due to the beautiful New England sandy beaches to be found in the state. A benefit to travelers is the fact that all of the beaches in Rhode Island are a relatively short drive from anywhere else in the state. Although cold in winter, Rhode Island is the perfect place for a summer beach vacation, and the state deserves its nickname of “The Ocean State”.

Although certainly not a beach vacation hot spot, the southwestern states of New Mexico, Utah and Arizona are near the top of this year’s trending U.S. summer travel destinations as well. These states feature a plethora of national parks, forests and monuments for travelers to reconnect with nature and appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the American West.

Google has also published their list of internationally trending vacation hot spots. Russia is represented twice in the trending top five with Moscow in the number one spot and St. Petersburg at number three. Rounding out the rest of the most trending international destinations is in order; Da Nang, Vietnam; Zanzibar, Tanzania; and Langkawi, Indonesia.

In part two of this blog we will look at how the different travel segments are impacting the summer trends and what is motivating their vacation plans.

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