Thursday, July 19, 2018

Improving Hotel Guest Satisfaction And Reviews - Part 4

Request All Guests Leave A Review

As we have seen, past guests leaving online reviews regarding their hotel stays is really a positive thing for hoteliers, not a negative. Even if the review was less than complimentary, as long as the hotel responds positively. TripAdvisor for example prioritizes hotel reviews by how recently they were posted. If a hotel does everything else needed in order to garner highly favorable reviews, then it will not be long before they climb higher in the rankings for their location.

It is therefore in the interest of all hotels to have as many guests as possible to leave online reviews. Hotels should actively encourage this by asking for a review at checkout time. An email reminder and information can immediately follow this approach on their receipt. Gathering online reviews for any hotel property is essential since consumers trust the information provided by their peers over anything a brand can offer on a website.

Use Reviews As A Tool For Managing Guest Satisfaction

Online hotel reviews can provide hoteliers with valuable insight regarding valid issues requiring attention or improvement. In the process of monitoring the hotel’s reviews, look for patterns and certain specific issues that may be mentioned repeatedly. After making any necessary changes or improvements, be sure to inform the reviewers of the hotel’s affirmative response to their concerns.

Online reviews written by past guests afford hotels an opportunity to keep abreast of what customers really are thinking and feeling, both positive and negative, after their stay. This information can be of great help in making decisions regarding all aspects of hotel operations or the physical property itself. When guests read these positive responses, they will gain an impression of the amount of value they have as customers to the hotel.

Consider An Online Reputation Manager Tool

Technology offers a number of online reputation management tools, many of which will seamlessly integrate with cloud-based property management systems. Such automated tools make the task of requesting, tracking, and responding to online reviews much simpler. Doing so will naturally increase the number of online reviews the hotel receives from its guests, in turn raising the hotel’s standing on sites such as TripAdvisor.

Another marketing possibility for transforming guest satisfaction and reviews into increased bookings is to share the best reviews received across the hotel’s social media platforms. This is a great way to favorably highlight the property and drive social engagement with the hotel.

Effectively managing the reputation of a hotel is vital to its success and profitability. Much hard work is needed in order to build a reputation of excellence for any hotel.  But in today’s reality of online hotel reviews, it can only take a few unsatisfied guests to ruin the hotel’s prestige. 

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